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christmas eve. and christmas day, pardon me, and that came across and this is what we're talking about. the advisory, the winter weather advisory is posted and this includes howard county, montgomery county, low 10 county and frederick county and this is setting up like a typical situation for us why where i-95 is the all-important line. south and east of that, you're talking about mainly rain and little, if any, accumulation and from d.c. to the north and west and that is where we think most of the accumulation is going to be. you can see the city's involved in the winter weather advisory. front royal, winchester, frederick, hagerstown, leesburg and rockville. it doesn't look like this is going to be a big storm at all for us, moving long quickly. the way we see it now, most of the snow will arrive for everyone before sunrise and basically coming in overnight
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tonight. for the d.c. area here, we're talking about snow and we'll see snow for most of the day tomorrow. the highest accumulations will be north and west which, is very typical around here and all of the precipitation, whether it's rain or snow, will be tapering off late in the day. coming up with the full forecast, will, we're talking about where we think the greatest accumulations will be and who sees an inch of wet snow. >> all right, sounds like problems on the road. the district said it will be ready when the first flakes fall. city leaders say plows will hit the streets about 4:00 a.m. tomorrow and they're going to pretreat bridges, overpasses and other elevated roads that are prone to freezeing. that is a combination of brine and beach use. the salt. , the plows go bac remember, can you track the storm with the fox 5 weather app including an hourly
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forecast and video updates from the weather team and more. download it on droid, ipad or iphone. search for d.c. weather in the app store. negotiations are underway to reach a deal. president obama and congressional leaders just wrapped up a meeting at the white house. we stand right now at three days and counting until that new year's deadline when taxes would go up for all u.s. taxpayers and steep spending cuts would kick in across the board. nicole collins has the latest. >> reporter: john boehner back in washington immediately heading to the white house, which brought the president and congressional leaders together the first time since november, but it's unclear if it brought the country closer to avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> when the president calls congressional leaders to the white house, it's all political theatre or they have a deal. not that it's all political
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theatre. >> this is not for show but a last-ditch effort by the president to bring congressional leader together to try to get a small package at least, a small deal together before the new year. >> reporter: the president called the meeting as lawmakers pointed fingers in this high- stakes game of chicken. >> the republicans who are holding hostage the middle class in america society wealthy don't have to pay their fair share. >> we need two words: presidential leadership on not just taxing rich people. we could do that and it would not help the medicare fiscal cliff. >> reporter: with time running out, hopes have diminished with talk of a smaller deal extending bush tax rates for the middle school and unemployment benefits. it puts off major spending cuts and reforms to entitlements like healthcare. >> we're going to end up with a small, kick-the-can, down-the- road bill to make another fiscal cliff to deal with this fiscal cliff. >> reporter: with expectation
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low, lawmakers are talk about how to retroactively fix any damage done by going over the cliff with congress. nicole collins, fox news. developing tonight, a strike that could have shut down ports up and down the east coast is averted for now. the long shoreman's union along the east coast and gulf of mexico will extend the current contract for 30 days. that extension prevents a possible strike that could have crippled operations at port and including the port of baltimore. in a statement today, the maryland governor martin o'malley wrote, quote, the port of baltimore continues to be a major part of the state economic strait generating and supporting thousands of jobs. during the extended period, we hope long-term resolutions can be reached for the hardworking families who depend on jobs and commerce linked to the port of
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baltimore. to the state of the skins. it's the hottest ticket in town. the redskins play host sunday night as the two teams battle it out for the nfc east title and a place in the play-offs. our coverage begins at 5 with fox 5s lindsay murphy and more on the big showdown. hi, lindsay. >> reporter: to put this in perspective, fed ex field opened in 1997, and sunday's game is being called the biggest game in the 15-year history of the stadium and if you're still looking for a ticket, good luck. the price is superhigh. as matt ackland shows us, it's not just fed ex field rocking on sunday night. >> pro bowl, first time out. >> reporter: at the redskins store, the exempt level is high and checkout lines are long. >> how is business? >> great. >> and breaking records. >> reporter: if you're still looking for a ticket, you will have to dig deep into your pockets. we checked online and found tickets going as high as $9,000
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nosebleed seats for $450. >> you going to be here? >> i wish i could. pricy tickets. the tickets are pricy right now. >> reporter: some are ready to pay. >> we're going online and trying to get tickets, and that is going to be rough, but we're going to try to get. some. >> reporter: it's not going to be a cheap evening to come to the game. on top of those high ticket prices, there are some people who are selling their parking spot. we saw as high as $75 to get a space up close. but for those who can't get a ticket, the beer will be flowing and the kitchen very busy at big play sports grill in college park. >> and i think they're going to win. >> reporter: all big tvs will be turned to the redskins sunday night. >> we double up and make sure we have enough support for all of the people coming in, double up on food and drink orders and throughout the week to be
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prepared for sunday and so that everyone can get what they want. >> robinson for the touchdown! >> reporter: these days, it's not just the redskins winning. ticket holders are making out, business owners are pulling in extra cash and who can resist stocking up on new redskins gear. >> how do you like this? >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> and for those of you purchasing the jersey, can you wear it loud and proud knowing he earned the seventh rookie honor today two days after being named to the pro bowl. will? >> and thank you. you know, since 1960s, the washington dallas game has been called one of the best rivalries in professional sports. the cowboys come to down in one -- town in one of the most mily anticipated games. mike joins us on fox 5 morning news. >> this is a markee matchup. the -- marquee matchup, the first game since 1979.
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the first two teams have met where there is play-off implications for both squads. >> wow. >> and there is some other games over the years between the teams, the redskins were bidding for a play-off spot and cow on you boys locked up the nfc east and they won the division 2007 and with shawn taylor. the cowboys won a division. this game is huge. many, many people are envious of the cowboys. they hold this mystique and there is a sense of arrogance and they star in the helmets and into the new stadium and god can watch them play. [ laughter ] >> and you want to stick it to the cowboys and there is this hatred toward the cowboys. >> right. >> and can you see the entire interview on the website. and we asked facebook fans for predictions on the big game. heather said we beat the
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cowgirls at thanksgiving and we'll get them -- beat them sunday, too. allison doesn't agree saying the cowboys will win, quote, sending the deadskins home to watch the super bowl on the couch and phil said has anyone seen romo's record in the big time guys -- games? redskins, 20; cowboys, 19. like us on facebook if you haven't already and search for my fox d.c. coming up, as we continue on the 5, protestors plan to make their presence felt at a local gun show in the wake of a connecticut school shooting. >> and another person shoved in front of a subway train in new york city and killed. we're learning the latest about the victim. e victim. . >> the deeper you got out, the more ice cracks and can you get to them. >> and a daring rescue after a dog falls into icy waters. gary. >> and. >> and. .
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>> thirty's now, getting cold overnight tonight. 
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. a stolen car, a police chase and then a crash. the d.c. police say that officers from prince georges county were chasing a stolen car that crossed into the district. the driver hit one car and slammed into a metro bus on southern avenue.
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the bus driver and passenger were hurt. police arrested three people in the stolen car. a man is under arrest tonight accused of robbing a bank in d.c. and this happened at the suntrust bank on dupont circle. the suspect was taken into custody in the metro station and he said he was able to be be tracked down and that is thanks to a gps unit placed inside the moneybag. police say the same suspect is behind another bank robbery two days ago at the suntrust bank on 17th street northwest. a loudoun county sheriff's deputy is under arrest after a fight with a neighbor. he's facing several charges, including misdemeanor assault and battery. the man told police he was assaulted by the crew yesterday while doing work on a home and the victim was taken to the hospital and treated. the gun control debate is
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front and center ever since the tragedy two weeks ago in newtown, connecticut. some are calling for stricter laws and others are lining up to arm themselves concerned the guns could be taken away and that is what is happening tonight at a gun show in virginia. bob barnard is live with that story. bob? >> reporter: the show is now open and is considered to be the biggest annual show on the east coast. you think some people like their guns? take a look at this. the line to get into this weekend's gun show, hundreds and hundreds waiting two hours before the door opened this afternoon. >> and i think there is some more people not interested in guns before and they are now. >> reporter: with talk of new gun control legislation and in response to the shootings at sandy hook elementary school, a crack down that gun enthusiasts
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say wouldn't work. >> no loss of gun would think about doing something like. that. >> reporter: inside, there are guns and ammunition and more guns, even machine guns for sell. >> reporter: and there is an active shooting market on the machine guns where people will get together and shot machine guns all day long. >> reporter: nearly half and in the other, nearly 60% asked if they support -- said they support some form of gun control in this country. >> i will tell you what will stop a bad guy with a gun: a good guy with a gun. >> reporter: outside, members of code pink are call for example a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines. >> we need a rationale gun policy and need to get it out of the hands of the nra boys.
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>> reporter: in district heights, maryland today, about two dozen men, women, and children gathered outside of the gun shop they say helps contribute to the gun violence in communities. >> my nephew who lived in richmond, virginia, was killed five years ago so, yeah, i know. >> the purpose will come. make no mistake about, that the protests will come. >> reporter: they say guns send too many young people to their their graves and prison. >> we must not rely on physical violence to resolve our human problems. >> reporter: the owner of realco gun said he doesn't give interviews, never has and never will. >> reporter: back here, there is still a long line to get into the gun show and the nra is offering a deal, join up and
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get one for free. >> and thank you. the victims of a deadly accident in springfield were on the way to a funeral. it happened last night at the mixing bowl where 95 meets the beltway in springfield. police say an 87-year-old pennsylvania man was behind the wheel of a pickup truck that rear ended a tractor-trailer killing him and his two passengers. montgomery county police are investigating a serious accident. it happened at 10:30 this morning and this was the scene via sky fox. the police say the driver of a volkswagon was heading south on rockville pike when he crossed into the northbound lanes and kept on going. he crashed into four cars, including a station wagon and the driver was critically hurt. four others were take tonight hospital and treatment. right now, the northbound lanes
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are closed while police investigate. further south on rockville pike, traffic was a mess for a good portion of the day because workers were repairing a water main break. this pipe broke around 5:00 a.m. near rockville pike in cedar lane in methesda. more than 160 people lost their water service to. the repairs in the pipe in the road were finished this afternoon and traffic is moving again. a man and dog were rescued after falling through the ice in michigan. one escaped and fell into the water. he tried to get the dog and couldn't make it to him without the ice breaking under his weight. as they waited for rescuers, the man's cousin managed to get to the dog and he fell in and both had to be rescued. >> and my cousin got some the dog and crawled on his bellow the ice
5:19 pm
and got to him and then he lifted up the dog on the ice and rescue put a boat there and hauled them up into the boat and the dog was all set. >> the man and dog ared to be doing just fine. and they're lucky. >> ice is tricky, especially this time of the year when it's not that cold. i suppose you will notice one thing, everyone's bundled up. >> and you bet you, man and that is a cold trend the last week or so. today with the sunshine, and i have to say, without the wind, that is feeling comfortable out there and this is where we are this afternoon. blue skies and we're seeing the cloud comes back over and they're high and thin, midlevel clouds and they'll thicken through the evening and this is that next batch of
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precipitation. i say that because we'll have some rain and some snow and may even be some sleet mixed in from time to time. and i think that we talking about the mixture of rain and snow. at least here for the city, okay. the temperature dropped off with 38 degrees now and gaithersburg, 34; and annapolis right now, 41 and i want to show you this cold temperature to the north of us and that will drain in overnight tonight and this is why. the temperatures will be slowly dropping into the mid-30s out there and we stay dry this evening, the snow arrives overnight tonight and i think most of us will have snow or light rain. we'll talk about that, will. >> so you then, gary. and talking about the snow, he gets people's attention. >> and where is that shoveel?
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>> yeah. coming up, christmas is over. there are deals out there to be had. find out which items are expected to drop in price as we head into the new year. >> daddy, i'm so happy. [ laughter ] >> you're so happy. >> reporter: think he said he's happy. a viral video, a little boy crying tears of joy on christmas day. รณ
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. the holiday shopping season is not over yet. and safe consumers are taking advantage of post christmas sales. >> reporter: the holiday shopping season may have started with thanksgiving but didn't end with christmas. the post holiday window is a key part of the retail rush for business owners and consumers a like with sales, including winter closeouts and the redemption of the popular gift cards. >> this is a great time to use holiday gift cards. one, you get more bank for your
5:25 pm
pop if you take advantage of post holiday sales and that is one reason why it's a great gift, particularly for parents to give their own children if you buying the things otherwise. >> reporter: retailers are moving the merch, including winter apparel. >> gloves, hats, coats, things like that. merchants will try to move it out. you will find great deals. >> reporter: another smart by post-christmas, anything holiday oriented. >> they have to move merchandise to make way for things in the spring. so, think ahead and the wrapping paper can be used all year long to wrap wedding presents and birthday presents. toys heavily discounted could be birthday gifts throughout the year. this is a good time to stock up. >> reporter: to streamline returns you might be making, read the fine print. not all stores take back online purchases and no gift receipt could mean no return and that is stores like williams and sonoma won't take a gift back without a receipt unless it's defective. bloomingdales gives store credit for the lowest selling
5:26 pm
price in the last three months for returns without a receipt. brenda buttner, fox news. and sometimes people can be hard reads on christmas morning. this is one way to find out if you bought the right christmas present. did they cry tears of joy? >> what is it, guys? >> daddy, i'm so happy. >> you're so happy? [ laughter ] cry cry. >> what's -- [ crying ] >> what's wrong? >> the viral video of little reese who got what hosted for christmas, which was a game for his wii. he was so happy, he could not stop crying. you ever get a christmas gift that made you cry? >> no, i can't say that it did. i love these videos. yesterday, i was googling christmas surprises and there is 50 videos like that, they're happy, surprised and sad.
5:27 pm
>> i will never forget my atari2600. >> back in the old days. >> pretty happy. coming up, an anti-adoption bill is signed into law in russia. how the controversial measure is having an impact on families in our area. >> and remembering norm an schwarzkopf. the reaction pours in for the general known as stormin norman. >> and two weeks after the newtown tragedy, volunteers become overwhelmed by the donations pouring into their community. [ malale announcer ] there are plenty of reasons to be jolly
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. something that happens thousands of miles away has families here in the united states very upset. the president of russia signed a ban that would prevent americans from adopting russian children. >> 60,000 children have been adopted by american families just in the last 20 years. as beth parker shows us, that ban will change a lot of lives.
5:31 pm
>> this is it. >> reporter: a photo of the orphanage where nadia green spent her early years. >> i was so lonely in an orphanage. i used to cry at night and i just feel bad for all of the girls and boys that are like alone there. >> reporter: she said she was well-cared for but it was not like having a family until americans barbara porter and jerry green arrived. >> this is when we brought them play-doh. and we sort of introduced them to play do at the orphanage. >> reporter: in 2003, the couple broad nadia and her brother home to virginia. she is 14 and the brother 16. this week, the family has been watching the news with great interest and sadness. the russian president putin signed a bill that bans americans from adopting in russia. >> it interferes with the future of many, many people. >> we know what it's like to wait. when we went, we got to meet them in march and had to wait until june to get them.
5:32 pm
i can't imagine people who have children in the pipeline and may never get them out. those are the stories that just are gut-wrenching. >> reporter: lauren koch works for the national council for adoption. >> there are approximately 46 families who were matched with a child in process and feel like they're a member of their family already. i can't imagine being the person that says you're not going to bring that child home or worse, saying -- looking into the eyes of a child and saying the mommy and daddy aren't coming to get you. >> reporter: the new law prompted outcry from those in russia and -- with the u.s. state department last month and could grandfather the families already in the pipeline. they're not waiting but even so, barbara porter is worried. >> they also have a little brother that is still in russia and we feel that our efforts to try to locate him and have a reunion with him might be
5:33 pm
hampered by this particular bill, and we have been told by the people arranging the trip for us that, you know, it might be tough to take them back right now. that americans who have adopted russians may not be welcome. >> reporter: in virginiava, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> former president george h.w. bush is still in intensive care tonight. a spokesperson said he's improving. mr. bush has been in a houston hospital since november 23rd being treated for a cough related to bronchitis. he was moved to icu on sunday to be treated for a persistent fever. a family spokesperson said the former president is alert and in good spirits and this is a good sign. we're told he's singing with doctors and nurses. reaction continues to come in tonight following the death of norman schwarzkopf. he died of complications from pneumonia yesterday and he commanded u.s. forces in the early '90s that led the coalition that drove saddam
5:34 pm
hussein's forces out of kuwait in 1990 along the first persian gulf war. the ailing former president george h.w. bush called schwarzkopf a good and descent man. collin powell said america lost a great patriot and soldier. today marks two weeks since the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. the clergy marked the somber day with a vigil. religious leaders from all faiths gathered together to mourn and heal o. december 14th, 20-year-old adam lanza killed his mother and broke into sandy hook elementary school and killed 26 people before taking his own life. and meanwhile, the community is still recovering, as you can imagine. the outpouring of support has been overwhelming, officials are asking people to stop sending gifts: the national disaster response team is helping with inventory so the items they're getting will go to those needing them the most. first responders, students, and families are still trying to
5:35 pm
emotionally process what happened. some people haven't been able to go back to work, using up their sick time and vacation. >> and the affects of emotional trauma are long-lasting and chronic. what we're looking for is a funding mechanism to make sure if officers need to take time off from work, there is money available to continue their paychecks. >> the united way of western connecticut said a fund established after the shooting has grown to $3.5 million. and that is the bottom line. hold off on the gifts but keep the money going. >> that is people who want to do anything. >> no matter where you live, you want to do something to help. coming up here on 5 tonight, newly released documents about maryland monroe -- marilyn monroe show the fbi was concerned about possible ties to the star with communists. >> and calling all the single ladies. find out who will be joining beyonce on stage at the super
5:36 pm
bowl halftime show. alftime sho
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5:40 pm
. newly released fbi files are showing how far they went to investigate marilyn monroe for communism. the fbi looked into the movie icon's friendships listing people who may have been communists. in the 1950s, a u.s. senate held a series of witch-hunt hearings on communism, many of them falsely accusing hollywood figures. monroe was not the focus of the hearings, but the fbi files now show while under investigation, the fbi had no hard evidence that she was ever's communist and the files don't show the questions surrounding her death at the age of 36, which was at the time ruled a suicide. >> all the single ladies, put your hands up. >> all the single ladies and fellows. you have a chance to join her on stage at the upcoming
5:41 pm
superbowl halftime show. pepsi is holding a contest. 100 fans will get a chance to hit the stage with the diva on february 3rd at the super dome in new orleans. fans need to submit a photo of themselves, hit shape -- hip shaking and they will be used in a tv ad. fifty people along with a friend will be selected to join the singer on stage. coming up, from super storm sandy stoto scorching attempts. we'll look back at the wild weather of 2012. >> and how much snow can we expect overnight? gary's back with the extended forecast. 
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well, from twisters to heat waves, and of course, the super storms seem to be the weather as the norm for 2012. janet steen has a look back now. >> reporter: 2012 had more than
5:45 pm
its fair share of wild weather. whether it was destructive, deadly, or just plain hot, extreme weather affected americans in every part of the country. after a mild winter for most, spring roared in with tornados. twisters tore through several states wiping out communities and killing several people. a devastating ef-4 tornado with winds up to 200 miles an hour hit the midwest. henryville and maryville, indiana, completely obliterated. heartbreaking stories of families ripped a part like this tragic taste of toddler angel babcock. her family was killed when the twister struck the mobile home. angel was found in the field near her home and died later from her injuries. the summer months brought little relief with scorching temperatures throughout the east coast and midwest and with some historic drought conditions. with soaring temperatures, communities struggled to maintain their water supply.
5:46 pm
farmers harvested a fraction of their crop and ranchers were not able to feed their cattle. it was the one of the drought in 50 years that plagued 2/3 of the nation. the drought conditions made it ripe for wildfires. the canyon fire in colorado raged for days killing two people, destroying over 300 homes and scorching 1800 acres. the unrelenting heat proved deadly in the mid-atlantic and midwest states after july's storms killed at least 22 people across the area. it also knocked out power leaving millions sweltering. heat-related deaths climbed to at least 20 in the chicago area. the big easy was not spared this year. hurricane isaac making landfall near new orleans on the eve of the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. isaac made landfall as a category 1 hurricane.
5:47 pm
the slow-moving storm treaded the low-lying hit areas. plaquemines parish was hit and moved slowly inland inundating communities in arkansas as it passed. eerie skies over phoenix as a massive dust storm called a haboob blows in. -- as a haboob blows in. 2012 also saw the birth of a superstorm. a devastating hurricane that collided with a powerful cold system from canada. that slammed the northeast. sandy made landfall in south jersey in late october flooding beach communities, subpurgeing highways, and washing iconic board walks into the ocean. new york city's downtown skyline fell dark. in breezy point, queens, homes went up in flames. areas along long island, staten island filled with debris. sandy claimed at least 100 lives and changed the landscape
5:48 pm
of the jersey shore. just a week later, another blow when the area was blanketed by snow, sleet, and rain from the nor'easter. according to fema, vicious heat waves, wildfires, hurricanes, and severe storms will cost this year alone more than $100 billion in repair costs. in new york, fox news. >> we had a white christmas, some of us did and now a white new year's? >> it went from being unusually mild to below normal temperatures and we end up with this stuff. where it's cold enough, it's snow and where it's not, it's rain. and 38 in town. gaithersburg, down to 32 and dulles is 36. it will be cold enough tomorrow morning when the snow gets here
5:49 pm
for most of us. the clouds at 7 and some clouds at 9, mostly clouds at 11:00 and some temperatures into the mid-30s or so and in advance of the big conglomeration of snow and mixture through parts of southern illinois and rain through tennessee and thunderstorms through the deep south, it looks like that christmas storm but it's not nearly as potent and some lows tonight above freezing and that doesn't matter. cold enough to snow and if that comes down heavy enough, it will do accumulating in the city and the greatest to the north and west and frederick, 29 and we're talking about upper 30s and some lower 40s. this is future cast and it's been real consistent and i have to let you know that that trend
5:50 pm
has been that it's edging the rain line closer to d.c. and this is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and we're still in the snow here in d.c. but barely and quickly south and east, it turns over to rain and to the northwest and the i- 81 corridor and the higher elevations, it's snow and this is following the typical type of a situation where we have the rain-snow line setting up right along i-95. as we progress through the day to about 2:00, notice the pink line is right on top of i-95. and that is almost as if i drew it there and that is not the case. this is what the computer is doing. we could get into a little bit of a changeover right at the end television this and the damage is done. we're probably going to have a bit of accumulation. by 6:00 tomorrow night, this is all out of here and we may see a little bit of the sunset the way it's looking right now and
5:51 pm
it's going to happen. the higher snowfall totals in the deeper blue, northern and central pennsylvania into the higher elevations of western virginia, eastern west virginia and, of course, western maryland out there and they good for the ski resorts there and this is what -- let's go back to that. -- and get time to explain this. and baltimore and d.c., one to two inches of snow, okay. wet snow accumulation. you start getting up here into the darker blue and that really represents probably two to three, two to four inches of snow there and then the darker blue way out there representing anywhere between three and six. and that is the snowfall right now. we have some breaking news. i will toss it back to tom and will. and thanks. we do have breaking news from the white house where president obama is talking about the fiscal cliff after a meeting with congressional leaders. let's listen in. >> also ask lobbyist americans
5:52 pm
to pay a little more. above all, protect our middle class and everyone who is striving to get into the middle class. i want to still get this down. the right thing to do for our families, our businesses, and for our entire economy. but, the hour for immediate action is here. it's now. we're now at the point where, in just four days, every american's tax rates are scheduled to go up by law every american's paycheck will get considerably smaller. and that would be the wrong thing to do. for the economy, would be -- it would be bad for middle-class families and for businesses that depend on family spending. fortunately, congress can prevent it from happening if they act right now. i just had a good and constructive discussion at the white house with senate and house leadership about how to prevent this tax hike on the middle class. and i am optimistic we may
5:53 pm
still be able to reach an agreement that can pass both houses in time. senators reid and mcconnell are working on such an agreement as we speak. but, if an agreement isn't reached in time between senator reid and senator mcconnell, then i will urge senator reid to bring to the floor a basic package for an up-or-down vote, one that protects the middle class from an income tax hike, extends the vital lifeline of unemployment insurance to 2 million americans looking for a job, and lays the groundwork for future cooperation of more economic growth and deficit reduction. guys, i can hear you over here. i believe such proposal could pass both houses with bipartisan majorities, as long as those leaders allow it to actually come to a vote. if members of the house or the senate want to vote no, they
5:54 pm
can. but we should let everybody vote. that is the way this is supposed to work. if can you get a majority in the house, then can you get a majority in the senate, then we should be able to pass a bill. so the american people are watching what we do here. obviously their patience is already thin. this is deja vu all over again. america wonder yes it is that in this town for some reason, you can't get stuff done in an organized timetable, why everything always has to wait until the last minute. well, we're now at the last minute. and the american people are not going have any patience for a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. not right now. the economy's growing but sustaining that trend is going to require elected officials to do their jobs. the housing market is recovering but that could be impacted if folks are seeing small paychecks. the unemployment rate is the
5:55 pm
lowest it's been since 2008, but already, you're seeing businesses and consumers starting to hold back because of the dysfunction they see in washington. economists, business leaders, all think we're poised to grow in 2013 as long as politics in washington don't get in the way so we have to get this done. i just want to repeat, we had a constructive meeting today. senators reid and mcconnell are discussion a potential agreement where we can get a bipartisan bill out of the senate over to the house and done in a timely fashion so that we met the december 31st deadline. but given how things have been working in this town, we always have to wait and see until it actually happens. the one thing the american people should not have to wait and see is some sort of action. so if we don't see an agreement
5:56 pm
between the two leaders and the senate, i expect a bill to go on the floor, and i have asked senator reid to do this, put a bill on the floor that makes sure that taxes to our middle class families don't go up, that unemployment insurance is still available for 2 million people and that lays the groundwork then for additional deficit reduction in and economic growth steps that we can take in the new year. let's not miss this deadline. that is the bare minimum we should be able to get done. it shouldn't be that hard, since democrats and republicans both say they don't want to see taxes go up on middle class families. i just have to repeat, you know, outside of washington, nobody understands how it is that this seems to be a repeat pattern over and over again. ordinary folks, they do their
5:57 pm
jobs. they meet deadlines. they sit down and discuss things and things happen. if there are disagreements, they sort through the disagreements. the notion that our elected leadership can't do the same thing is mind boggling to them and it needs to stop. so, i am modestly optimistic an agreement can be achieved. nobody's going to get 100% of what they want but let's make sure that middle class families and the american economy, in fact, the world economy are not adversely impacted because people can't do their jobs. all right. thank you very much, everybody. >> all right, president obama speaking at the white house after an 11th-hour meeting with congressional leaders on the fiscal cliff. tom, you have been covering this pretty much every day. it looks to me like there are two big headlines here. one, still no deal and, two, he's talking about a bill being presented to the senate, an up- or-down vote that would prevent a tax hike for middle class americans, protect unemployment
5:58 pm
insurance and that is not all. >> make no mistake, that is a direct shot at the republicans, though. the president knows full well the senate is controlled by democrats. at what point you would be knocking that ball over to the house would be up to house republicans as to who they would be the last ones with up- or-down votes on this. >> more to come on this from you, tom, and our team of reporters on the news edge at 6. the 5 continues after this. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
5:59 pm
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